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The Knee Terminator

Modern Sports PT

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Dr. Dennis Treubig, DPT of Modern Sports PT and Dr. E from EDGE Mobility System present our latest product, The Knee Terminator!

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If you are a clinician who treats post op knee patients or a patient recovering from knee surgery, terminal knee extension is important. Many clinicians and patients are focused on their knee flexion (bending) and with good reason, you need it for function in all upright and weight bearing positions.

However, research shows that a good predictor of successful rehab, especially after ACL surgery is restoration of end range knee extension. That's where The Knee Terminator comes in. It's easy to set up, affordable for both the clinic and the patient, and accelerates rehab in a comfortable way.

Many patients are placed into the prone knee hang. Or hanging a weight from the end of their foot while they lie on their stomach. This is a much longer leaver and tends to get uncomfortable fast. Discomfort means that the knee will not be as relaxed as possible, thus leading to discomfort and a stretch that is not optimal. The Knee Terminator hands directly under the patient's knee and uses two comfortable straps and a base with a diameter that fits all standard weight plates and ankle weights.

What you get

  • 1 Knee Terminator Base
  • 2 Knee Terminator Hanging Straps
  • instructional videos
  • set up instructions

Clinician's Packs Now Available!

Save 10% on a 10 pack or 20% on a 20 pack, easily earn back your investment by leasing or selling Knee Terminators to your patients.


Note: all written and video content on EDGE Mobility System is digital, upon purchase of the product, you will receive viewing and download links for the videos and instructions.

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