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Gravity Ball (4 Kg, Green) - EDGE Mobility System

Green Gravity Ball (8.8 lbs / 4 Kg)

Gravity Ball Health Systems

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The green 4 Kg Gravity Ball is an athlete's ball or is ideal for someone who is experienced with exercise and is looking to increase the challenge of their routine. Gravity Balls are also a great supplementary strength-enhancing tool for volleyball players, golfers, cyclists, and runners. 

Every Order Includes:


  • One Gravity Ball
  • High Strength Removable Nylon Straps (1 pair)
  • High Strength Attachment Clips (1 pair)
  • User's Manual

All Gravity Balls are 53 cm or 21 inches in circumference which is a bit smaller than a volleyball.

The 4 kg Gravity Ball weighs 8.8 lbs.

Shipping costs are included in the final price.

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