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Occlusion Cuff Elite

Eoin Cremen

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SHIPPING UPDATE - We were expecting stock for the past two weeks but for reasons beyond our control FedEx is holding them from being released in customs because the manufacturer did not include proper paperwork. They have been notified and are working as fast as possible to get the proper information to FedEx. We are expecting stock any day now. Thanks for your patience. Contact us via email if you pre ordered and would like a refund.


  • Get the benefits of training at 70% max with loads as low as 20-30% max
  • Increase muscle strength, size, and endurance with 30% less work
  • Stimulate Type 2 fast-twitch fibres and create local anaerobic training conditions for muscles
  • Temporarily increase local growth hormone levels by 200-300%
  • 2 Cuffs per package
  • Fits arms and legs
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The New Occlusion Cuff Elite is narrower, lighter, and less bulky, it has a quick-release in-tube valve that allows the user to train without tubing or pump attached, and the pump has been upgraded. 
Cuff Dimensions: 85 x 7cm + 35cm extension

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