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Stop Thought Viruses Pain Road to Recovery

EDGE Mobility System

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The Pain Road to Recovery Presents 5 Steps to Managing Your Pain

1) Understand Your Pain

2) Understand "All" Pain

3) Begin a Feel Good Journal and "Stop Thought Viruses"

4) Motion is Lotion

5) Share the Knowledge

Patients can use a copy of the digital version you print for them to assist them along their road to recovery. Also comes with printable digital version.  Both the printed version and digital version also come with Pain Fundamentals , Treatment Fundamentals, and Recovery Strategies, 3 amazing ebooks on Pain Science Education by Dr. Greg Lehman.

bonus - Keeping the Window of Improvement Open patient education video

Custom digital and printed versions available, after purchase, email us your clinic in a high quality png or pdf file for addition to the infographic.

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