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Piston Science: Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston for Adult Populations Online - EDGE Mobility System

Piston Science: Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston for Adult Populations Online

Julie Wiebe, PT

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Piston Science is a new approach to adult rehab, recovery and return to fitness. The viewer is introduced to a dynamic team of muscles, inclusive of the relationship between the diaphragm and pelvic floor. That team works together to balance muscular forces and pressures creating an integrative model of dynamic central stability (Modules 1-4). Issues with the musculoskeletal system, movement patterns, breathing, pelvic health, balance and fitness can be addressed simultaneously when this central team is coordinated and linked from the inside-out to the rest of the postural system (Modules 5-7). Adapted for the online educational format, both embedded video and independent lab opportunities provide the viewer with ample opportunity to interact with the material and apply this approach in all areas of adult rehab and fitness (women’s health, orthopedics, sports medicine, fitness and neuro). The course is a bundled learning opportunity, with each of the 7 modules building on the previous presentation.

*Want a taste, before you buy the bundle? Module One is an introduction to the theory, concepts, and evidence for the approach. You can purchase Module One to sample the Course. When you’re hungry for more, you can purchase the rest of the modules by buying Bundle B: Modules Two through Seven.


Bundle A
Modules One through Seven

Bundle B
Modules Two through Seven


Module One:
Intro: Concepts and Evidence

Module Two:

Module Three:

Module Four:
Pelvic Floor / TA

Module Five:
Synergists: POS

Module Six:
Synergists: AOS / LS

Module Seven:
Synergist: RS / Gait / Plyos


About Julie Wiebe PT
Julie Wiebe is a physical therapist who specializes in returning women to fitness after injury and pregnancy. She advocates for the awareness of pelvic health issues in fitness and promotes innovative solutions for women through her blog, videos and social media. She shares her evidence-based, integrative approach internationally with both professionals and women through live, online, and DVD educational programs. Find out more and  connect with Julie at

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