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Gravity Ball (3 Kg, Orange) - EDGE Mobility System

Gravity Ball (3 Kg, Orange)

The Gravity Ball

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The 3 Kg Gravity Ball is available in orange with a black center band and black straps. The orange 3 Kg Gravity Ball is our middle weight and can be useful for increasing the challenge of any exercise or mobility movement. It can also be used by athletes to increase strength, power, and agility. Gravity Balls are also a great complementary tool for volleyball players, golfers, cyclists, and runners. Each Gravity Ball comes with one pair of removable soft straps and one pair of climber-rated carabiner clips for additional exercises.

Each Gravity Ball is 53 cm or 21 inches in circumference which is a bit smaller than a volleyball.

The 3 kg Gravity Ball weighs 6.6 lbs.

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