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Naturally Bulging Lumbar Model - EDGE Mobility System

Naturally Bulging Lumbar Model

Dynamic Disc Designs Corp.

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If fear-avoidance behaviour is suspected to be part of the clinical presentation of back pain, this naturally bulging disc model may be useful for patients that require anatomical education to minimise fear. This model has been resiliently handcrafted to show natural load on an L4-5 motion segment in all six degrees of freedom without herniation to help show patients how the intervertebral disc is designed to withstand load and how it naturally it bulges. To combat catastrophic thoughts regarding pain, this model can assist connecting patients with unknowns about normal spinal movements and patterns (For example, like that of natural hydraulic diurnal height variations). This model can be helpful in linking a patients variation of pain experiences, like that of stiffness in the morning, which is common for degenerative discs. Fear avoidance education can be executed with this one-level lumbar model to help patients realize the beautiful inner workings of their spine and that movement should not be scary.

All models are handcrafted and made to order. Expect approximately 2 weeks to construct.

Details include:

  • actual size
  • naturally bulging annulus
  • nuclear pulposus shifting
  • transparent L4 to visualise nuclear shifting dynamics
  • clinic white opaque L5
  • endplate (blue)
  • endplate pores (black) to show the route of nutrition and hydraulics
  • endplate lesion (red)
  • vasculature in the L4 vertebral body (red)
  • facet hyaline cartilage (blue)
  • facet subchondral vascularization (red)
  • facet tropism (L5 inferior) to show that asymmetry exists naturally!

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