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Motion Guidance Patient Packs - EDGE Mobility System

Motion Guidance Patient Packs

Motion Guidance

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What is a patient pack? A patient pack is a minimalist version of your clinician kit. Give your patient the advantage of Motion Guidance training at home. Order bulk patient packs to stock your clinic with the Motion Guidance home units. Patient packs will not only offer your patients an excellent training tool for home use, they will create revenue as patient packs are sold to clinics in bulk at discount rates. With a suggested MSRP of $45-$49, you can gain revenue by selling these in-clinic as DME!

Patient packs are sold in bulk 5-packs for patient distribution: if you are using visual feedback for a small limb (shoulder or knee) select the "Knee/Shoulder" patient packs. If you are using for a large limb (trunk, core, or head) select the "Cervical/Core" patient packs.

The patient packs will include a single strap, mount piece, laser, and batteries!

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