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Gravity Ball (2 Kg, Blue)

The Gravity Ball

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The 2 Kg Gravity Ball is available in blue with a black center band and black straps. The 2 Kg Gravity Ball is our lightest weight. This is also our most popular weight and can be used for enhancing strength, increasing mobility, flexibility and for improving joint health. The blue 2 Kg Gravity Ball is perfect for someone who is just beginning to exercise or who is recovering from an injury. It is a great all-around weight that allows the user to do many unique and highly beneficial exercises. Gravity Balls are a great supplementary strength-enhancing tool for volleyball players, golfers, cyclists, and runners. Every Gravity Ball comes with one pair of removable soft straps and one pair of climber-rated carabiner clips for additional exercises.



All Gravity Balls are 53 cm or 21 inches in circumference which is a bit smaller than a volleyball.

The 2 kg Gravity Ball weighs 4.4 lbs.

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