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EDGE Mobility Ball - EDGE Mobility System

EDGE Mobility Ball

EDGE Mobility System

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The EDGE Mobility Ball

The latest product in the EDGE Mobility System is here! The EDGE Mobility Ball is the perfect combination of hard inner core, with softer outside. Use them anywhere you have increased tone, tension, or tenderness. Combined with simple movements and appropriate breathing, you will be feeling better in a few short minutes!

The EDGE Mobility Ball is a must for any self treatment toolbox!

  • self myofascial release
  • rolling out tension
  • may be used in place of clinician hands for deeper pressure releases such as psoas, piriformis, or pec minor release
    • try in combination of light pressure with tissue on mild tension and patient diaphragmatic breathing for a non-painful release!
  • DVD and instruction videos coming soon!
  • comparable to other more expensive trigger point balls
Just $14.99 for 1

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