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Dynamic Disc Model (Lumbar)

Dynamic Disc Model (Lumbar)

Dynamic Disc Designs Corp.

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A dynamic one-level spine model to help patients see clearly the specific movements that can help in the rehabilitation of spine. Developed by Dr. Jerome Fryer, this model includes many anatomical details to help the practitioner convey important movement strategies to help with compliance and patient engagement to improve patient outcomes. This model helps explain peripheral pain mechanisms related to current neuroscience education strategies to minimize fear avoidance.

Details include: See through L4 lens to see internal contents of motion segment, opaque white L5, L5 superior endplate, two-part disc (annulus and nucleus), nuclear particles to see nuclear movement, annular innervation, neo-innervation, radial fissures, natural bulging annulus, detailed cauda equina, blue painted facet hyaline, and a herniating nucleus under flexion and over compressive load.

Each model will have 6 degrees of freedom. Very helpful in explaining simple postures of neutral, flexion, extension, rotation all in a dynamic and viscoelastic platform.

All models are handcrafted and made to order. Expect approximately 2-3 weeks to construct.

"Anatomy is beautiful and does not have to be scary, it is how you teach it." JF



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