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Dynamic Core for Kids (DC4K) is a new approach to core stability for children with challenges. Shelley Mannell, PT and Julie Wiebe, PT developed and presented an online 2-day professional development curriculum based on the approach. The course recording is presented here as individual learning Modules 1-7, with each module building on the previous presentation. Or you can purchase them as a bundled whole here.

Want to try one before you commit to the bundle? You can purchase Module One first to test the course. When you’re ready to continue you can purchase the rest of the modules by buying Bundle B: Modules Two through Seven.


Bundle A
Modules One through Seven

Bundle B
Modules Two through Seven


Module One:
Theory, Concepts and Evidence

Module Two:

Module Three:

Module Four:
Pelvic Floor / TA

Module Five:
Synergists: POS

Module Six: 
Synergists: AOS / LS

Module Seven:
Case Studies


About Shelley Mannell & HeartSpace Physical Therapy

Shelley Mannell has more than 20 years experience treating babies, children and adolescents with physical challenges and gross motor delays. HeartSpace Physical Therapy for Children realizes the value of ongoing treatment and support for children who are experiencing difficulties with motor skills. HeartSpace offers a full range of treatment and consultative therapy services to support children and families. Find out more and connect with Shelley at heartspacept.com.

About Julie Wiebe PT
Julie Wiebe is a physical therapist who specializes in returning women to fitness after injury and pregnancy. She advocates for the awareness of pelvic health issues in fitness and promotes innovative solutions for women through her blog, videos and social media. She shares her evidence-based, integrative approach internationally with both professionals and women through live, online, and DVD educational programs. Find out more and connect with Julie at www.juliewiebept.com.