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Drills for Runners to Master ebook - EDGE Mobility System

Drills for Runners to Master ebook

Zeren PT and Performance

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Learn the drills and skills every runner should master!  Chris Johnson's long awaited first ebook is here! Johnson, a nationally reknown and published Physical Therapist, Tri-athlete, and expert in exercise describes his first book:

This e-book is designed to help runners of all ages and abilities as well as medical and fitness professionals, who work with runners. Topics of this e-book include the following: 1) simple and effective introductory strengthening and motor control drills, 2) pain science education for runners, 3) footwear considerations, 4) common denominators of the running gait, and 5) demystifying cadence. This will be the first in a series e-books related running and performance.

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