Brace2Play Above the Joint Ankle Brace

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Product Details

The ONLY ankle brace of its kind that works above the ankle joint, not around it! Athletes love how lightweight and mobile it makes them feel while giving them support, and patients love how it instantly takes away their pain. This ankle brace doesn't restrict range of motion, it enhances it! Prevents, treats, and aides in healing of low and high ankle sprains, general ankle pain especially after an operation of an ankle joint with residual pain, and even prevents and treats shin splints from where the pressure plate is located with reduced recovering time by applying a manual treatment technique within our product. This product can even be worn for training purposes for any activity or sport. For more detailed information, please visit our website at to see the science behind it all.

Also check out how fast and easy it is to apply from our video..Sizing Chart

*In order to achieve correct sizing, take measurement in inches of circumference of mid section of lower leg or more specifically the circumference 16cm above the ankle joint.

Small -11-13 inches
Medium - 13-15 inches
Large - 15-17 inches

Caution: The benefits of this product will vary from user to user, based upon factors including, but not limited to age, general health, level of fitness, activities and compliance with wearing instructions. Brace2Play product line does not warrant any results or prevention of injuries as a result of using this device. As users may have an allergy to neoprene, it is also advised to discontinue wearing this product if a rash develops on the skin.