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New products! Now carrying Stop Thought Viruses Posters for your waiting room and/or patient exam rooms! Perfect for stimulating discussion on Pain Science Education, and to set the stage for a positive interaction. Contrast them to the popular but anxiety inducing spine or knee pictures with red and damaged structures. For more info, check out Stop Thought Viruses!
An Introduction to IASTM ebook now available at! Sharing on social media gets you 10%! It's now also available on amazon kindle!
#IASTM Technique by Drs. Mike Reinold and Erson Religioso!

- 6 Hours of training!
- learn the basics with the EDGE/EDGEility Tool and more!
- progress to advanced techniques
- learn how to integrate IASTM with neurodynamics, spinal manipulation/mobilization and more!
- live patient eval and treats

Hey EDGE Tool fans! The EDGE Tool has been integrated into EDGE Mobility System, complete with new products to help save your hands and get your patients and clients moving better!

The EDGE Mobility System was designed by physical therapist and internationally sought after lecturer, Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT, MS, MTC, CertMDT, CFC, CSCS, FMS, FMT, FAAOMPT. It is a comprehensive set of tools for assisted soft tissue manipulation, assisted mobility exercises, and resistance training.

EMS consists of

1) The EDGE Tool for IASTM
2) The EDGEility Tool for IASTM
3) EDGE Mobility Bands
4) Stop Thought Viruses Posters
5) The CupEDGE for Cupping STM
6) EDGE Mobility Balls
7) EDGE Solution
8) TowEDGE Spacers
9) Mirror Box
10) Motion Guidance
11) Caponotrainer
12) Khalili Cream
13) EDGE Mobility Exercises/Resets
14) An Introduction to IASTM ebook

Link to product text is here